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When partnered with a healthy life style that includes eating right and exercise, supplements can help you prevent and even reverse certain diseases.

But unfortunately not all supplements are created equally. Just because a supplement is expensive or sold at a health food store does not mean it is a pure, high quality supplement.

energetixlogoEnergetix manufactures their supplements to the highest cGMP standard. The cGMP or “Good Manufacturing Practice” is part of a quality system covering the manufacturing and testing of pharmaceutical ingredients. Because Energetix knows how much we care about our patients they provide us with on-going training, education and support. This ensures that we are able to suggest to you the supplements that will give you the most benefits.

bioticsCommitment to nutritional well being through innovative ideas and innovative products; that pretty well says what Biotics Research Corporation is all about. What we do and how we do it, distinguishes us. We are a company whose innovations have led to a series of firsts. We have explored new areas and mapped the way in the food supplement industry, greatly benefiting the field of clinical nutrition.

From our inception, the hallmark of Biotics Research has been innovative ideas, carefully researched concepts and the development of superior nutritional products for our professional clientele and their patients. We combine the very best of cutting edge science with the lessons that Nature teaches.

splogoNutritional scientists are continually discovering what we at Standard Process have taught and practiced since 1929: Micronutrients, both known and unknown, found only in whole foods are more essential to health than selected vitamins and minerals taken away from their complete food matrix.

Our product formulas contain unique combinations of whole foods (whole plants, animal tissue extracts and concentrates, and botanicals), which contain essential vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals to provide optimal health for your patients. Ingredients are selected for their specific supportive effects in metabolism.

dhclogoDental Herb Company® products were developed by Dr. Bernard Schechter, D.D.S., who applied his advanced training in therapeutic herbology to develop natural oral hygiene products to help his patients reduce gum inflammation, rebuild and condition gum tissue, and neutralize halitosis. Dental Herb Company® products are blended using ecologically wildcrafted herbs and pure essential oils, not their derivatives. The precise proportions of herbs and botanicals work synergistically to reduce microbial count and promote healing. Dental Herb Company® products contain no alcohol and no chemical preservatives.

yllogoDon’t think that essential oils can only be used for aromatherapy or massage therapy—they have so much more to offer!

While going about your daily household tasks you’ve probably stopped to consider the effects of artificial flavoring in foods or the synthetic compounds in your household cleaner. More than likely you’ve wondered if these mystery ingredients are even safe to use in your home.

Essential oils can eliminate these concerns when you incorporate them into your daily household routine. Replacing man-made synthetics with natural, plant-based essential oils removes questionable ingredients from your home and adds countless benefits. Whether you use essential oils to infuse your favorite dishes with flavor, clean your home without harmful chemicals, or supplement your existing first-aid kit with plant-based solutions, they’re sure to safely and naturally enhance your experience.

oxyfeshlogoOxyfresh creates products that add sparkle to life.
From mouthrinses, toothpastes and cleansers to weight loss systems, revitalizing tonics and the best in pet care, Oxyfresh leaves satisfaction and smiles everywhere it’s used. But that’s just what we make. What Oxyfresh makes possible is financial security and intoxicating independence.

lologoThe science of liposomal encapsulation technology (LET) dates back to the 1980’s, when most of the relevant patents were issued. It was initially created and used by pharmaceutical companies as a method to deliver drugs to specific organs or locations in the body, without gastric juices acting on them and compromising the integrity, strength or structure of the drug. It was also important that all of the drug be absorbed into the blood through the small intestine, with little or none of it reaching the bowel. As time passed, much broader and practical uses for this technology were developed, including topical applications for medicines as well as cosmetics.

The secret of successful uses of LET is to produce a liposome encapsulated molecule so small that it is absorbed immediately after leaving the stomach, preferably just below the duodenum, at the beginning of the small intestine. Suffice it to say it is the best way to take vitamin C there is – ongoing scientific trials already verify this.

heellogoWe achieve the vision of our company’s founder with passion and expertise, making Heel the global leader in the field of scientifically-based modern homeopathy as an integral part of medicine.

Our medications are easy to use and gently activate the body’s self-healing powers – as intended by nature and requested by health care professionals and patients around the world.

mcMACROPHARMA CORPORATION is dedicated to supplying people with some of the latest and most relevant, reliable, and evidence-based medicines and other health care products available in the world today. We market and distribute top quality pharmaceutical products like biologicals (Epoietin Alfa and G-CSF) subspecialty drugs (e.g. renal, oncology, gastroenterology) and top quality dietary supplements.

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